Science In The City event in Valletta

A few days have now passed since our team of professionals engaged in a very successful public outreach during the Science In The City event in Valletta. 🌟

A team of 9 trainees and 1 consultant from our department manned a stand where we welcomed the public to participate in different activities. The aim was to empower them to dispel any fears or misconceptions surrounding anaesthesia and to provide them with the necessary knowledge by providing a firsthand experience of this crucial medical field. We also wanted to inspire curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of the science behind anaesthesia, its importance in medical procedures, and the expertise of the professionals who administer it.

We had interactive demonstrations, frequent simulations and engaging discussions with hundreds of people, of various ages, who visited our stand! 🤩

We provided insight into the process and safety measures involved in anaesthesia thus enabling the audience to feel more confident and informed should they ever need it in their medical journey.

Thank you to the public for joining us during this very successful evening!

BIG shout out and appreciation to our group of dedicated and hard-working members who volunteered to help out in planning and manning this stand!

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